We understand that Asia’s Information Technology (IT) environment is unique and encompasses the need to understand different languages and softwares. Our advisors can help you find solutions to improve your business efficiency.


Dezan Shira & Associates technology services are designed to help companies of all sizes find solutions to improve the efficiency of their information and technology systems. We can provide your business IT and ERP information systems, Cloud-based services, IT infrastructure, IT consulting, and help desk support services. These services are designed to help your business focus on its core goals.

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Thanks to the cloud, our clients don’t need to worry about investing in expensive infrastructure and handling complex system management in order to meet their business requirements. 

  • Office365 Service
  • Azure Service
  • Cloud Backup Service
  • Cloud-based ERP service (SaaS)
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We help organization optimize their employees’ and internal expenses management with digital tools that speed up business administration, simplify remote submissions and approvals, and minimize expense and approval errors. These solutions leverage software which can function stand-alone or be integrated with ERP and financial software systems. They work to facilitate the digitization of expenses and approval process via a mobile and desktop APP, to make reimbursement and accounting processes highly efficient, and transparent.

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We fully understand that for most small and medium-sized enterprises, it’s not a cost-effective solution to employ a full-time in-house IT support team. We can provide a support team, both on-site and as a remote helpdesk service. 

  • On-site and Remote Support
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Consulting and professional services in the IT field is one important link in our service chain. 

  • System Design, Optimization and Troubleshooting
  • IT Audit and Network Security
  • Domain and ICP Filing Service
  • Hardware Procurement
  • Internal IT Process, Policy, and Procedure
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Today’s IT infrastructure is under intense pressure to keep pace with the increasing speed of business. We help our clients deliver faster and better IT services to their employees. 

  • Start-up and Office Setup
  • Internet and Network Systems
  • PABX, VoIP, and Video Conference 
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The implementation of effective IT and ERP solutions within an organization can make its operations more efficient and provides a greater degree of transparency to management.

  • ERP Advisory, Implementation, and Maintenance Service
  • Payroll and Accounting Systems
  • Expense and Invoice Management Systems
  • System and Power BI Report Design
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Businesses that are growing across Asia, can securely meet Asia’s changing technology environment backed by sustainable solutions and better support from an Interim or Virtual CIO. The help of a professional IT consultant, as a Virtual CIO, assists companies in connecting regional employees with their corporate teams and HQ systems, meet challenging deployment or integration projects, or facilitate the implementation of transformation and optimization tools and strategies, which today, have become vital to the effectiveness of every organization.

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