China’s Cloud Computing Market: Developments and Opportunities for Foreign Players

Jun 25

China's cloud computing market is the fastest-growing in the world. We discuss how the industry is developing and the opportunities available for foreign businesses.

IT Compliance for Companies in China – Note Key Regulations to Build Up Efficiencies and Secure Your Brand

May 24

Companies are advised to assess their compliance with technology and data security laws in China to continue operations in this market.

China Eases its Crackdown on the Technology Sector: Recent Developments

May 23

Is China's technology sector out of the regulatory woods? We look at the signs and discuss the outcomes of recent meetings and language spoken by policymakers.

GDPR Versus PIPL - Key Differences and Implications for Compliance in China

May 18

How different are Chinese and European data regulations? We compare the requirements under the PIPL vs GDPR and discuss steps for companies to be compliant.

New Specifications for Cross-Border Processing of Personal Information for MNCs

May 11

We discuss the requirements for MNCs in China to engage in cross-border personal information processing.

China Further Increased Tax Support for R&D Investments in 2022

Apr 21

China further increased its tax support for R&D investments in 2022, expanding super deduction on R&D expenditure to TSMEs. in an effort to encourage innovation, promote industrial upgrade, and strengthen the core competitiveness of the country.

China’s Debut in the Metaverse: Trends to Watch

Apr 20

Chinese tech companies are hopping on the metaverse trend - but how much potential is there? Here's what to watch in the metaverse in China.

China Launches Digital Yuan App - All You Need to Know

Apr 13

The digital yuan app is now available for download in select cities in China. We explain how it works, who can use it to pay with e-CNY, and much more.

China’s Internet of Vehicles - New Guidelines Set Framework for Industry Standards

Mar 15

China's IoV industry will soon be subject to more data and cybersecurity standards. We examine the types of standards and technical requirements.

UPDATE: Latest China Data Protection Regulations for Industrial and Telecom Companies

Feb 18

China data protection regulations for industrial and telecom companies have loosened slightly. Here's what companies need to know to comply.

How to Sign an Electronic Labor Contract in China: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Feb 14

We explain some of the key steps and legal and technical security considerations for employers in China when executing their electronic labor contracts.

China’s Regulatory Plans for Technology Companies and the Platform Economy in 2022

Feb 09

New government document shows that Beijing will continue to rein in the tech industry in areas of antitrust, data and algorithm security, and fintech regulation.

How Does China View NFTs and What Are its Market Prospects?

Jan 21

While China is cautious about the financialization of NFTs and crypto is a no-go area, market prospects abound with the participation of leading tech players and credible platforms.

A Close Reading of China’s Fintech Development Plan for 2022-2025

Jan 20

We discuss the contents of China’s Fintech Development Plan for 2022-2025, which calls for regulated and inclusive fintech expansion.

A Close Reading of China’s New Cybersecurity Review Measures, in Effect Feb 15, 2022

Jan 10

We explain the changes to China’s Cybersecurity Review Measures, identify who will be impacted, and the government’s risk assessment criteria.

China's Sweeping Recommendation Algorithm Regulations in Effect from March 1

Jan 06

China’s internet watchdog has released a new set of draft regulations for recommendation algorithms. What do they say and who could be affected?

China Cybersecurity Regulations - What do the New Draft Regulations Say?

Dec 02

A new draft regulation strengthens China's cybersecurity and data protection framework. We look at what the document says.

The Chinese Tech Whitelist - Is China Trying to Replace Foreign Technology?

Nov 29

A Bloomberg report says China is formulating a Chinese tech whitelist to replace foreign tech, which China denies. We discuss what we know so far.

Q&A: How to Understand the Implementation of the PIPL in China?

Nov 08

We address frequently asked questions on the Personal Information Protection Law and compliance tips for companies doing business in and with China.

Cross-Border Data Transfer - New Draft Measures Offer Clarification on Security Review

Nov 04

China released long-awaited draft measures detailing requirements for security assessments for cross-border data transfer out of the country.

China’s Autonomous Driving Industry - An Introduction for Foreign Investors

Oct 26

China's self-driving car industry has entered the fast lane. We explore how foreign investors can tap into the future of mobility.

PIPL China: Suggestions for Technical Compliance with Personal Information Protection Law

Oct 25

Technical suggestions to build a robust IT system, be PIPL compliant, and stay on top of risk assessment mechanisms.

The Personal Information Protection Law in China: A Legal Analysis

Sep 15

We explain some of the finer legal points of the new Personal Information Protection Law in China, including ways enterprises can prepare to be compliant.

Guangdong’s Pilot Program on Chief Data Officer: Accelerating Digitalization and Achieving Better Data Protection

Sep 01

We take Shenzhen's example to demonstrate the role of the Chief Data Officer and service opportunities for businesses.

Critical Information Infrastructure in China - New Cybersecurity Regulations

Aug 30

We look at which companies will be affected by the regulations, new compliance obligations, and opportunities in the cybersecurity space. 

China’s Personal Information Protection Law: A Comparison of the First Draft, the Second Draft, and the Final Document

Aug 24

In addition to the full translation, we prepared the comparison between the first draft, the second draft, and the final document of the PIPL.

The PRC Personal Information Protection Law (Final): A Full Translation

Aug 24

The China Briefing team has produced a quick English translation of the PRC Personal Information Protection Law for your reference.

Personal Information Protection Law in China: Technical Considerations for Companies

Aug 23

We discuss the law's core concepts and stipulations and provide suggestions for businesses to build compliant IT systems.

China Removes Didi from App Stores: What We Learned from the Case and China’s Cybersecurity Regime

Aug 13

The ride-hailing giant Didi Global Inc. is subject to a Chinese regulatory probe after its US IPO, offering lessons for cybersecurity compliance in China.

Shenzhen’s New Data Regulations Explained

Aug 02

Shenzhen's data regulations come on the heels of the national Data Security Law and the second revision of the draft Personal Information Protection Law. They cover the collection, storage, and transfer of personal data as well as tackle the under-regulat

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