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China Lays Fiscal Policy Foundation for Reaching Carbon Targets

Jun 16

A new document lays the groundwork for a financial support system to boost China's green and low-carbon development. We discuss the financial tools proposed and the industries that will benefit.

An Introduction to Doing Business in Hong Kong 2022

Jun 09

An Introduction to Doing Business in Hong Kong 2022, the latest publication from Dezan Shira & Associates, is out now.

China's VAT Rebates Policy in 2022: Eligibility, Timeline, and Procedures (Updated)

Jun 07

China is implementing large-scale VAT rebates in 2022. This article explains the eligibility, timeline, and procedures for applying for VAT credit refunds.

Tax Incentives Available to Businesses Impacted by the Shanghai Lockdown

May 23

As China fights the latest wave of COVID-19, we summarize the Shanghai tax incentives that businesses can enjoy during the current lockdown.

China Annual IIT Reconciliation – Your Tax Refund FAQs Answered

May 13

We answer frequently asked questions by expatriates on annual IIT reconciliation, when does it apply, and eligibility for tax refunds in China.

How Can Expats Complete Annual Individual Income Tax Reconciliation Amid China’s COVID-19 Curbs?

May 05

We discuss the methods of tax settlement available to expats completing their annual IIT reconciliation in China.

Tax Relief for Manufacturing SMEs Bears Fruit as China Defers US$39 Billion

Apr 27

Manufacturing SMEs enjoyed US$39.1 billion in tax deferrals in March 2022. What China tax incentives are available for SMEs, and can they help boost growth?

China Further Increased Tax Support for R&D Investments in 2022

Apr 21

China further increased its tax support for R&D investments in 2022, expanding super deduction on R&D expenditure to TSMEs. in an effort to encourage innovation, promote industrial upgrade, and strengthen the core competitiveness of the country.

What Are the Tax Incentives in China to Encourage Technology Innovation? (updated)

Apr 02

We list major tax incentives in China to encourage technology innovation and share guidance on how to tap benefits listed in various preferential policies.

China's Tax Incentives for Small Businesses (Updated)

Mar 29

China endeavors to help small businesses survive and thrive. In this article, we introduce the major tax incentives in China to foster small businesses.

15 Types of Contracts That Are Not Subject to Stamp Tax in China

Mar 14

We highlight the 15 types of contracts in China that are not subject to stamp tax. Businesses should note these policies are subject to change.

Hong Kong Budget 2022-23: All You Need to Know

Mar 02

We dissect Hong Kong’s 2022-23 Budget, which includes spending plans worth over HK$170 billion to boost the economy and maintain public confidence.

New Relief Measures for Service Industry and Small Businesses in China in 2022

Feb 28

A new list of preferential policies is set to help catering, transport, and retail companies, as well as small businesses in China. What are the benefits?

Tax-Exempt Fringe Benefits for Expatriates in China Extended till End of 2023

Dec 31

China's IIT preferential policy allowing some non-taxable fringe benefits for expatriates is extended till the end of 2023; it was set to expire in 2022.

2022 Import-Export Taxes and Duties in China

Dec 22

We explain China's updated import and export tax rates and duties for 2021, and highlight key issues that foreign companies should take note of.

Fujian Pingtan Extends 15% CIT for Qualified Enterprises Until End of 2025

Dec 20

Qualified enterprises in Fujian Pingtan Area can enjoy 15% CIT until December 31, 2025 – China’s national CIT rate is 25%.

E-Invoicing in China Gets Push with Advanced Version Piloted in Shanghai, Guangdong, and Inner Mongolia

Dec 14

Shanghai, Guangdong, and Inner Mongolia conduct pilot programs and introduce a brand-new and more advanced electronic fapiao.

China’s Golden Tax System Phase IV: An Explainer

Dec 10

We discuss how China's Golden Tax System works and what businesses can expect from Phase 4 of the system that could be launched sometime in 2022.

How to Prepare for an Effective Annual Audit in China?

Dec 01

This article provides practical guidance on how to prepare for an effective annual audit in China, which is important to a company's long-term development.

China Policy Change on Expatriates’ Tax-Exempt Benefits: Case Study and FAQs

Nov 25

We explain how the individual income tax burden in China could increase in 2022 for expats and how to prepare for the policy change.

Tax Incentives Offered in Specific Regions of China

Nov 22

This article notes the tax incentives offered region-wise in China, including the western regions, Hainan FTP, GBA, and certain economic development zones.

Annual Audit in China – New Issue of China Briefing Magazine

Nov 16

Download our latest digital issue of China Briefing magazine where we walk foreign businesses through the annual audit and compliance process in China.

China’s Tax Incentives: An Overview of Key Schemes

Nov 15

From the investor’s perspective, China's tax incentives are legitimate tools for reasonable tax planning and cost savings. We spotlight key incentives.

Tax Implications for Chinese Permanent Residence ID Card Holders

Nov 01

We discuss the tax residency status of foreigners with a Chinese Permanent Residence ID Card and their tax liability on worldwide income in the country.

China to Defer Tax Payments for Manufacturing MSMEs, Coal-Fired Power Plants, and Heating Firms

Nov 01

China plans to allow SME manufacturers and coal-fired power plants, among others, to defer their tax payments in the fourth quarter.

Tax Incentives in China – New Issue of China Briefing Magazine

Oct 19

In this issue of China Briefing magazine, we introduce China's tax incentive schemes in specific regions and special zones, to encourage technology innovation, and for small businesses.

Hong Kong Added to EU Watchlist on Non-Cooperative Tax Jurisdictions

Oct 12

Hong Kong will amend its tax law to comply with EU standards on taxation of passive income, which may impact some foreign enterprises in the city.

How Residence is Defined and its Implications on Individual Income Tax implications in China and the UK: Q&A

Sep 13

We look at how tax residence is determined in China and the UK and what you should do if you are a tax resident of two countries.

China’s Urban Maintenance and Construction Tax: New Regulations in Effect from Sept. 1, 2021

Sep 06

The new regulations on China’s urban maintenance and construction tax clarify the calculation basis and offer an official, consolidated tax framework.

China’s Taxpayer Credit Rating System: An Explainer

Aug 31

We explain China’s taxpayer credit rating system, including how it works and why it is important for foreign enterprises based in the country and doing business in China.

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