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China’s New Draft VAT Law - How is it Different from Previous Tax Regulations?

Jan 31

The new draft version of the China VAT law makes some major changes to existing tax regulation. Here's how it could impact businesses.

E-Invoicing in China 2023: Expansion of the Fully Digitalized E-Fapiao Program (Updated)

Jan 31

We discuss the expansion of e-invoicing in China as the digital e-fapiao program widens its pilot roll-out with unique features.

China to Extend Preferential Individual Income Tax Policies

Jan 24

China has announced the extension of several preferential individual income tax policies for resident taxpayers to boost capital market liberalization and corporate innovation.

China Clarifies 2023 VAT Incentives for Small-Scale Taxpayers and Lifestyle and Production Oriented Services

Jan 10

China has announced 2023 VAT incentives for small-scale taxpayers and production oriented and lifestyle service industries. Here's what businesses need to know.

China Tax Filing and Payment Deadlines for 2023

Jan 04

Businesses operating in China are suggested to pay attention to the tax filing and payment deadlines for 2023 to avoid late payment penalties and tax credit downgrading.

A Quick Guide to Accounting and Audit in China 2023 – New Publication from China Briefing

Nov 11

In A Quick Guide to Accounting and Audit in China 2023, we walk foreign businesses through the annual audit and compliance process in China from start to finish.

VAT Taxpayer Status in China and the UK

Nov 07

We discuss VAT taxpayer status in China and the UK, including key differences that impact compliance expectations and financial reporting.

Tax, Accounting, and Audit in China 2022/23 – New Publication from China Briefing

Oct 17

This guide covers the major taxes and tax-relevant obligations that foreign investors are likely to encounter when establishing or operating a business in China.

What Are the Tax Incentives in China to Encourage Technology Innovation? (updated)

Sep 28

We list major tax incentives in China to encourage technology innovation and share guidance on how to tap benefits listed in various preferential policies.

Hainan Free Trade Port’s New Preferential Tax Policies: How do They Apply (updated)

Sep 28

Hainan Free Trade Port’s incentives include lower corporate and income tax rates for qualified entities between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2024.

Eldercare and Childcare in China: New Supportive Measures

Sep 13

We discuss policy measures for the eldercare and childcare industries in China to ease economic hardships for socially important businesses.

China’s Tax, Investment, and Trade Agreements with Countries in the Middle East

Sep 06

We look at the China-Middle East tax, investment, and trade agreements that help foster collaboration and business activity.

Tax Liabilities for Equity Transfer in China: An Introduction

Sep 02

We provide a general introduction of the tax liabilities of individual shareholders and corporate shareholders in equity transfer in China.

Hong Kong’s Tax, Investment, and Trade Agreements with Countries in the Middle East 

Aug 30

Hong Kong is deepening cooperation with Middle Eastern countries through tax, trade, and investment treaties. Here's what investors need to know.

China’s Urban Maintenance and Construction Tax: Key Points

Aug 17

The new regulations on China’s urban maintenance and construction tax clarify the calculation basis and offer an official, consolidated tax framework.

China-Mongolia DTA: What Are the Key Elements?

Aug 16

It is important for businesses of both countries to understand and avail the benefits derived from the double tax avoidance agreement signed between China and Mongolia to ease their tax burden.

China to Further Extend the Additional VAT Deduction Policy for the Services Industry

Aug 08

China has extended the additional VAT deduction policy for the services sector. Check to see if this applies to your business.

China Export Tax Refund Policy: Recent Changes, Documentation Process, Foreign Exchange Management

Aug 01

We discuss how China has tried to streamline the export tax refund system.

Investing in Guangdong - Preferential Tax Policies in Hengqin New Area, Zhuhai

Jul 13

Hengqin New Area in Zhuhai, Guangdong launches preferential tax policies to spur economic growth and deepen integration with Macao.

China’s New Stamp Tax Law to Take Effect on July 1: What are the Changes?

Jun 29

China’s new Stamp Tax Law takes effect July 1, 2022, and will trigger simplification of tax compliance, changes to some tax rates, and new exemptions.

China Lays Fiscal Policy Foundation for Reaching Carbon Targets

Jun 16

A new document lays the groundwork for a financial support system to boost China's green and low-carbon development. We discuss the financial tools proposed and the industries that will benefit.

An Introduction to Doing Business in Hong Kong 2022

Jun 09

An Introduction to Doing Business in Hong Kong 2022, the latest publication from Dezan Shira & Associates, is out now.

China's VAT Rebates Policy in 2022: Eligibility, Timeline, and Procedures (Updated)

Jun 07

China is implementing large-scale VAT rebates in 2022. This article explains the eligibility, timeline, and procedures for applying for VAT credit refunds.

Tax Incentives Available to Businesses Impacted by the Shanghai Lockdown

May 23

As China fights the latest wave of COVID-19, we summarize the Shanghai tax incentives that businesses can enjoy during the current lockdown.

China Annual IIT Reconciliation – Your Tax Refund FAQs Answered

May 13

We answer frequently asked questions by expatriates on annual IIT reconciliation, when does it apply, and eligibility for tax refunds in China.

How Can Expats Complete Annual Individual Income Tax Reconciliation Amid China’s COVID-19 Curbs?

May 05

We discuss the methods of tax settlement available to expats completing their annual IIT reconciliation in China.

Tax Relief for Manufacturing SMEs Bears Fruit as China Defers US$39 Billion

Apr 27

Manufacturing SMEs enjoyed US$39.1 billion in tax deferrals in March 2022. What China tax incentives are available for SMEs, and can they help boost growth?

China Further Increased Tax Support for R&D Investments in 2022

Apr 21

China further increased its tax support for R&D investments in 2022, expanding super deduction on R&D expenditure to TSMEs. in an effort to encourage innovation, promote industrial upgrade, and strengthen the core competitiveness of the country.

China's Tax Incentives for Small Businesses (Updated)

Mar 29

China endeavors to help small businesses survive and thrive. In this article, we introduce the major tax incentives in China to foster small businesses.

15 Types of Contracts That Are Not Subject to Stamp Tax in China

Mar 14

We highlight the 15 types of contracts in China that are not subject to stamp tax. Businesses should note these policies are subject to change.

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