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China’s Company Law - How the New Draft Revisions Could Impact Businesses

Feb 02

A new round of amendments to the China Company Law seeks to optimize the business environment in China. Here's what companies need to know.

China has a New Plan to Strengthen its Data Economy

Jan 23

A new set of guidelines provides details on building basic data systems in China. We explain their significance for foreign investment.

Key Considerations for Foreign Equity Investment in China

Jan 16

We provide in-depth analysis and practical advice for foreign investors who engage in foreign equity investment in China.

New Certification Standards for Cross-Border Processing of Personal Information

Jan 09

China's new standards for cross-border personal information certification clarify the obligations of companies and certification agencies.

10 New Laws Starting January 1 That May Affect Your Business in China

Jan 03

We list 10 new laws and regulations that may impact business operations in China, expand market access, and regulate industries – starting January 1, 2023.

UPDATE: Finalized China Data Protection Measures for Industrial and Telecom Companies Released

Dec 29

China's MIIT released the final version of the Measures for Data Security Management in the Field of Industry and Information Technology after two rounds of public comments. The document will come into force on January 1, 2023.

China to Regulate Deep Synthesis (Deepfake) Technology Starting 2023

Dec 20

China's regulation of deep synthesis (deepfake) technology and services comes in effect January 10, 2023. We discuss the impact for business.

US Securities Body Gains Full Access to Audit Records for US-Listed Chinese Firms

Dec 16

US regulators have gained access to the audit documents of Chinese companies for the first time ever, preventing possible forced delisting from US stock exchanges.

China Travel Restrictions 2021/2022: An Explainer (Updated)

Dec 16

The latest China travel restrictions, including flights to China, Chinese visas, China entry requirements during Covid, and current China quarantine rules.

An Introduction to Doing Business in China 2023 – New Publication from Dezan Shira & Associates

Dec 15

Doing Business in China 2023 is designed to comprehensively guide new and established investors in China with updated policy changes.

Building China’s Social Credit System - New Draft Law Outlines Legal Framework  

Dec 12

China's first piece of legislation governing the social credit system will help to improve societal trust and market transparency.

New Amendments to BVI Business Companies Act: Impact on Hong Kong Companies and Companies Holding China Assets

Dec 08

The new amendments aim to bring BVI's business regime in line with international standards.

China Officially Launches New Private Pension Scheme - Who Can Take Part?

Dec 05

China's private pension has officially launched, but high barriers to entry mean not many players can get involved - yet.

How Long Does it Take to Register a Company in China and the UK?

Nov 25

In this episode, we discuss the timeline and key considerations of setting up a company in China and the UK.

How to Sell to Chinese Consumers Through Cross-Border E-Commerce Platforms 

Nov 23

How can foreign merchants sell to China? Understand the requirements and platforms for entering the world's largest e-commerce market.

How to Prevent and Deal with Corruption in Your China Business 

Nov 17

Commercial corruption can be a serious crime. We discuss China’s legislation on commercial corruption and offer advice on preventing acts of fraud, embezzlement, and bribery in China-based businesses.

How to Start a School in Hong Kong

Nov 09

Starting a school in Hong Kong can be lucrative, but complex. We go through the regulations and processes for opening a school in Hong Kong.

China Passes New Women’s Protection Law: Key Takeaways for Employers

Nov 08

China amended its Women’s Protection Law on October 30, 2022, aiming to give women stronger protection against sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

Hong Kong's New Visa and Property Tax Regulations to Attract Foreign Talents

Nov 02

Hong Kong's new measures address current workforce shortages while simultaneously developing local talent, attracting foreign capital, and closing the skills gap.

China’s Vape Industry: Consumption Tax Imposed from Nov. 1, 2022

Oct 27

China's vape industry is now being regulated as tobacco. We track and explain all the new industry standards and regulations.

Funding and Subscribed Capital When Opening a Company in China and the UK

Oct 25

Our latest video discussing the registered capital required for setting up a company in the UK and China and number of shares that can be issued.

New Inspection Regime for Hong Kong Companies: Phase 2 from October 24, 2022

Oct 21

The Hong Kong Companies Ordinance provides personal information protection to directors and other relevant individuals who appear on the Companies Registry.

China Relaxes Provisions on Foreign-Invested Travel Agencies and Care Homes

Oct 13

China will temporarily allow foreign investors to engage in Chinese outbound tourism and non-profit care homes in certain regions.

Shanghai Releases 22 New Stimulus Measures to Boost the Economy

Oct 11

The Shanghai Municipal Government has released a new policy package containing 22 stimulus measures to assist companies and boost the city's economy.

How to Choose the Right Company Name for Your Business in China and the UK

Oct 10

In our latest video series, we discuss what you should know when choosing a company name in China and the UK.

China Releases First Guidelines for Cross-Border Data Transfer Application

Oct 05

A new set of guidelines provide details on applying for China data export. We explain the procedures and documentation required.

Hong Kong Lifts Mandatory Hotel Quarantine for Inbound Travelers - What to Know Before You Go

Sep 30

Hong Kong has lifted hotel quarantine for all inbound travelers - we explain the new rules for testing and self-monitoring.

China Releases Measures for Management of Veterinary Institutions

Sep 27

New measures regulating China veterinary institutions will help to standardize and improve quality of care for pets and owners.

China Solicits Opinions on Amendment to Cybersecurity Law 

Sep 20

Amendments to the China Cybersecurity Law raise headline fines for violations and make the law more consistent with other regulations.

How to Define a Business Scope in China and the UK?

Sep 16

In our latest episode, our experts discuss best practices and key market differences in China and the UK when defining the business scope.

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