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Green Compliance in China - How to Prepare for Environmental Regulations

Jun 20

To meet its climate pledges, China is improving its regulatory framework to protect the environment. Here's how companies can prepare for the future of environmental regulation.

Mitigating Hidden Risks in Various Market Entry Modes

Jun 15

Irrespective of which market entry mode is chosen, we discuss how investors should incorporate risk mitigation measures in their pre-market entry planning.

China Travel Restrictions 2021/2022: An Explainer (Updated)

Jun 15

The latest China travel restrictions, including flights to China, Chinese visas, China entry requirements during Covid, and current China quarantine rules.

Shanghai Lifts Lockdown from June 1, 50 New Support Measures for Businesses

Jun 13

A series of policies to stabilize foreign investment, promote consumption, and increase investment have been proposed.

An Introduction to Doing Business in Hong Kong 2022

Jun 09

An Introduction to Doing Business in Hong Kong 2022, the latest publication from Dezan Shira & Associates, is out now.

China Eases its Crackdown on the Technology Sector: Recent Developments

May 23

Is China's technology sector out of the regulatory woods? We look at the signs and discuss the outcomes of recent meetings and language spoken by policymakers.

GDPR Versus PIPL - Key Differences and Implications for Compliance in China

May 18

How different are Chinese and European data regulations? We compare the requirements under the PIPL vs GDPR and discuss steps for companies to be compliant.

China's First Ever Law on Futures and Derivatives: Implications for Foreign Investors

May 17

China's Futures and Derivatives Law follows the gradual liberalization of the country's financial services sector.

New Specifications for Cross-Border Processing of Personal Information for MNCs

May 11

We discuss the requirements for MNCs in China to engage in cross-border personal information processing.

Legal and Financial Checklist before Entering the Chinese Market – A Guide for British Businesses

May 11

We provide the legal and due diligence considerations for British businesses entering the Chinese market so they can protect and optimize their operations.

China's Vape Industry: New Regulation in Effect from May 1

May 02

The China vape industry will now be regulated as tobacco. A new set of measures explain what this entails.

Obtaining Dormant Company Business Status in China During Trade Difficulties: What You Need to Know

Apr 28

We discuss how businesses can apply for dormant company status in China and key benefits and compliance requirements.

China Amends Laws to Reduce Red Tape - What Foreign Investors Need to Know

Apr 19

New regulatory amendments across a range of industries seek to reduce bureaucracy in China and boost market activity - here's what investors need to know.

Building a High-Trust Society Through the Social Credit System

Apr 06

A new policy document seeks to use the Chinese corporate social credit system to build trust in society and boost the economy. Here's what you need to know.

China’s New Regulation on Market Entity Registration: What Does the Implementing Rule Say?

Mar 31

The new regulation and implementing rule streamlines registration and administration procedures for all types of market entities in China.

Dongguan's New Containment Measures Amid COVID Spikes: What Do Businesses Need to Know?

Mar 21

Dongguan lockdown measures restrict business operations as the city flights a COVID-19 outbreak. Here's how businesses can cope with the measures.

Beijing’s “First-Store Economy”: What Are the New Incentives?

Mar 16

Beijing’s “First-Store Economy” policy has been optimized through measures released on March 11, 2022 and clarify financial and support measures available.

China’s Internet of Vehicles - New Guidelines Set Framework for Industry Standards

Mar 15

China's IoV industry will soon be subject to more data and cybersecurity standards. We examine the types of standards and technical requirements.

China ESG Reporting - New Measures on Disclosure of Enterprise Environmental Information

Feb 23

Companies that are major emitters have to submit annual environmental information reports.

UPDATE: Latest China Data Protection Regulations for Industrial and Telecom Companies

Feb 18

China data protection regulations for industrial and telecom companies have loosened slightly. Here's what companies need to know to comply.

China Trade Unions – Considerations for Employers Under New Amended Law

Feb 17

China trade unions may now be able to better protect the rights of gig workers. How has the law changed, and how do trade unions work in China?

China’s Foreign Investment Information Reporting System: How Does it Work?

Feb 16

We explain how foreign investment information reporting works in China under the new system linked to provisions of the 2020 Foreign Investment Law.

How to Sign an Electronic Labor Contract in China: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Feb 14

We explain some of the key steps and legal and technical security considerations for employers in China when executing their electronic labor contracts.

Understanding China’s New Rules on Import and Export Food Safety

Feb 10

China has enforced new rules on import and export food safety from January 1, 2022 amid tightening restrictions after the pandemic. We explain the changes.

China’s Regulatory Plans for Technology Companies and the Platform Economy in 2022

Feb 09

New government document shows that Beijing will continue to rein in the tech industry in areas of antitrust, data and algorithm security, and fintech regulation.

China’s Corporate Credit Risk Classification System - What We Know

Jan 28

China's market regulator will begin classifying companies by risk level under the China corporate credit system. Here's what companies should know.

How Does China View NFTs and What Are its Market Prospects?

Jan 21

While China is cautious about the financialization of NFTs and crypto is a no-go area, market prospects abound with the participation of leading tech players and credible platforms.

A Close Reading of China’s Fintech Development Plan for 2022-2025

Jan 20

We discuss the contents of China’s Fintech Development Plan for 2022-2025, which calls for regulated and inclusive fintech expansion.

Explainer: What’s Going on in China’s Property Market?

Jan 14

China's property developers have accrued debt worth billions of dollars - we examine the overall risk-exposure to the economy and discuss Beijing's options.

What is ESG Reporting and Why is it Gaining Traction in China?

Jan 13

For China, ESG reporting by corporates is steadily assuming importance as the practice aligns with the government's green economy and social equality goals.

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