China’s Winter Sports Market: Outlook and Opportunities for Foreign Players

Jan 26

China's winter sports market has rapidly recovered from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, supported by growing demand and targeted government policies.

China’s Beer Market: Outlook and Opportunities

Jan 13

There is a huge demand for beer in China. We look at the competition, structure, product diversification, and latest trends in China's beer market.

5 Key Industries to Watch in China in 2023

Jan 12

We discuss five key Chinese industries with the potential for rapid growth in 2023

China’s Coffee Market: Production, Consumption, and Investor Prospects

Dec 13

Foreign investors can take advantage of China's favorable coffee market conditions besides the government support for industry expansion.

China’s Lithium-Ion Battery Industry - Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges

Nov 30

China's lithium battery industry is booming, but supply chain challenges may stymie growth. New measures seek to rebalance development.

China’s Sportswear Market: Opportunities and Challenges for Foreign Players

Nov 21

Sportswear retailers have turned their attention to China, and for good reasons. We discuss prospects for foreign brands.

China’s Green Building Materials Sector: Policies and Investment Opportunities

Nov 18

We discuss the opportunities for foreign investment as China aims to meet high environmental standards and serve ambitious climate-conscious goals.

Building China’s Virtual World - The New Action Plan for Metaverse Technology

Nov 14

A new action plan proposes measures for developing virtual reality in China in the latest sign the government is serious about the metaverse.

China’s Biopharma Industry: Market Prospects, Investment Paths

Nov 10

We discuss the market size, growth drivers, and global competition facing China’s biopharma industry and suggest potential investment paths.

How to Start a School in Hong Kong

Nov 09

Starting a school in Hong Kong can be lucrative, but complex. We go through the regulations and processes for opening a school in Hong Kong.

China’s Debut in the Metaverse: Trends to Watch (Updated)

Nov 08

Chinese tech companies are hopping on the metaverse trend - but how much potential is there? Here's what to watch in the metaverse in China.

Hong Kong’s Education Market - Trends and Opportunities

Nov 03

We discuss the business opportunities for international stakeholders in Hong Kong's education market as the region aims to be a talent sourcing hub.

More Than a Hobby: Understanding the Esports Market in China

Oct 28

We discuss the business scope of esports in China, industry trends, emerging revenue streams, and market opportunities for foreign investors.

China’s Cybersecurity Industry: A Market Analysis

Oct 26

The evolution of cybersecurity presents numerous opportunities for businesses and organizations. In recent years, China has expanded its cybersecurity capabilities due to concerns about the security of its national data and the need for more personal information protection in the digital economy. In this article, we analyze the latest developments in China’s cybersecurity industry and examine the market opportunities for foreign investors.

Sustainable Fashion in China: An Emerging Trend in the Apparel Industry

Oct 20

Interest in sustainable fashion is beginning to take root in China, driven by young, urban, and environmentally conscious consumers.

AI in China: Regulations, Market Opportunities, Challenges for Investors

Oct 14

We discuss the evolution of AI in China, including market expansion and tech innovation, incentives, and challenges for foreign stakeholders.

China's E-Sports Market: Opportunities and Challenges for Foreign Players

Oct 07

China’s e-sports market is the world’s largest and while the user base continues to grow, cities are competing to become major e-sports hubs.

China’s SaaS Market is Booming: Why Foreign Investors Should Pay Attention (Updated)

Oct 04

China's software as a service (SaaS) market is among the fastest growing worldwide. We discuss market prospects for foreign businesses.

China Considers Extending its EV Subsidies to 2023 (updated)

Sep 29

China EV subsidies could be extended if the government considers it necessary to stimulate the market, besides tackling slow growth in the auto industry.

China's Yacht Market: Opportunities and Challenges for Foreign Players (updated)

Sep 29

China's yacht market appears well-positioned to become a prominent one, with the country's 14,484km-long coastline and a new class of millionaires.

China Resumes License Approval: What's Next for its Gaming Industry? (updated)

Sep 29

As China resumes issuing gaming license approval, its regulatory control has not loosened. We comment on recent developments affecting the gaming industry.

China’s Market for Perfumes and Fragrances

Sep 29

To achieve economic success in the high-opportunity Chinese perfume market, we discuss how firms can build distinct advantages and cater to key consumer groups.

China’s First Ever Private Pension Scheme - What You Need to Know

Sep 29

Beijing has announced a new private pension scheme to better serve the rapidly aging society, opening up new opportunities in the China pension market.

The Low-Code/No-Code Industry in China: Opportunities for Foreign Investors

Sep 21

China’s low-code/no-code market is the fastest growing worldwide and projected to reach US$1.4 billion by 2024. We discuss the appeal for investors.

China’s Robotics Industry: Current Outlook and Market Scope for Foreign Investors

Sep 19

China’s robotics industry requires collaboration with foreign sources of technology and expertise to achieve its high-tech innovation targets.

Eldercare and Childcare in China: New Supportive Measures

Sep 13

We discuss policy measures for the eldercare and childcare industries in China to ease economic hardships for socially important businesses.

China’s Livestream Industry: Market Growth, Regulation, Enabling Technology, and Business Strategies

Sep 01

We discuss why livestreaming is becoming an important brand and sales strategy for businesses in China.

Understanding China’s Digital Economy: Policies, Opportunities, and Challenges

Aug 11

China's digital economy has become one of the dominant economic forces after years of exponential development. In this article, we review China's plans to develop its digital economy and look into the opportunities and challenges for foreign businesses. 

Camping and Outdoor Activity - Tapping into China’s Hottest New Travel Trend

Aug 10

China camping and outdoor activity is booming. We discuss the drivers behind the trend and how investors can tap into of the industry.

Tourism in China: 2022 Trends and Investment Opportunities

Aug 09

While China's COVID-zero approach has limited travel abroad by its citizens, the domestic market is showing immense potential for growth.

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