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PU Letter Exemption for Z-Work Visa Applicants: Latest Updates

Jun 15

According to various sources, effective June 6, 2022, certain categories of China-bound foreign travelers will not have to apply for a PU Letter.

China Travel Restrictions 2021/2022: An Explainer (Updated)

Jun 15

The latest China travel restrictions, including flights to China, Chinese visas, China entry requirements during Covid, and current China quarantine rules.

China Annual IIT Reconciliation – Your Tax Owed Payment FAQs Answered

Jun 14

We answer frequently asked questions on the payment of tax owed in China during the annual IIT settlement process for foreigners.

An Introduction to Doing Business in Hong Kong 2022

Jun 09

An Introduction to Doing Business in Hong Kong 2022, the latest publication from Dezan Shira & Associates, is out now.

Recruiting in the Post-COVID Era – Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Talent in Asia

Jun 08

We discuss smart recruitment strategies so enterprises can effectively navigate the shifts in work attitudes and job priorities.

Childcare Leave in China

May 31

This article offers an overview of childcare leave policy in China, summarizes its recent developments in China’s different regions, and explains how childcare leave will be implemented in practice.

Preparing to Resume Your Businesses in Shanghai: A Practical Guide

May 25

We look at how enterprises in Shanghai can ready for work resumption by implementing specified measures and following protocol for epidemic control.

China Eases Travel Requirements: New Guidelines from May 19, 2022

May 19

China eases travel requirements for for inbound overseas travelers by adjusting some of the pre-departure COVID-19 test policies.

How to Make Your Business in China an Attractive Workplace for Gen Z

May 18

As Gen Z workers appear to be at the center of the 'Great Resignation', we look at key workplace motivators that would make them successful hires.

How to Deal with Labor Disputes Under the Shanghai Lockdown: FAQs

May 06

In this article, we walk you through the official guidance in Shanghai on how to deal with some typical labor disputes during the pandemic and lockdown.

China’s First Ever Private Pension Scheme - What You Need to Know

Apr 25

Beijing has announced a new private pension scheme to better serve the rapidly aging society, opening up new opportunities in the China pension market.

Guangdong's Permanent Residence Application: Eligibility and Process

Apr 21

In this article, we explain China's permanent residence policies with a focus on the eligibility and application process in Guangdong province.

A Guide to Minimum Wages in China in 2022 (Last Updated on April 11, 2022)

Apr 11

We offer a guide to the minimum wage levels in Mainland China and discuss how labor costs are affected by changes to the minimum wage levels.

What Should Employers Pay Attention to When an Employee’s Labor Contract is About to Expire?

Apr 07

Best practices and key guidelines regulating the management of employment relationships in China. 

Guangzhou’s New Measures for Handling Foreigner’s Work Permit: What Are the Updates?

Apr 01

Guangzhou has announced new measures for handling foreigner's work permit applications. We explain key changes and new streamlined requirements.

China’s IIT Special Additional Deductions: An Explainer (Updated)

Mar 28

China has implemented special additional deductions under the new IIT Law since 2019, while nursing expenses for children under 3 become deductible in 2022

The Basics of Employing People in China and the UK (Part One)

Mar 28

An exclusive series focusing on the basics of employment in China and the UK, with introductory legal knowledge around employing foreigners in the two countries.

Respect and Protection: How Should You Manage Your Female Employees in China?

Mar 08

On the occasion of the 112th Women's Day anniversary, we put together this article discussing best practices to ensure a discrimination-free workplace in China.

Human Resources and Payroll in China 2022 – New Publication from China Briefing

Mar 01

This 9th Edition of Human Resources and Payroll in China, updated for 2022, covers key compliances related to HR, payroll, data security, and data privacy.

China Trade Unions – Considerations for Employers Under New Amended Law

Feb 17

China trade unions may now be able to better protect the rights of gig workers. How has the law changed, and how do trade unions work in China?

Can Employers in China Unilaterally Request Employees to Use Paid Leaves during the Period of COVID-19 Prevention and Control?

Jan 26

We discuss the issue using a case study and with references to existing laws and regulations.

2022 Chinese New Year: How Foreign Businesses Should Prepare in the COVID Context

Jan 18

We discuss how the 2022 Chinese New Year festival period could be impacted by COVID-related developments and how foreign businesses can prepare in advance.

China's IIT Preferential Policy for Expatriates Extended to End of 2023: Key Points

Jan 04

China has extended individual income tax benefits for foreigners, such as on rental and education expenses, till the end of 2023.

China Annual (One-Off) Bonus: What is the Income Tax Policy Change?

Dec 31

We explain the preferential income tax treatment on annual bonus for some tax residents in China (including expatriate staff) - now extended to end of 2023.

China Extends the Preferential Tax Treatment for Annual One-Time Bonus to the End of 2023

Dec 30

China will extend preferential tax treatment for the annual one-time bonus until the end of 2023; it was set to expire end of 2021. We answer FAQs.

IIT Subsidy Application in the Greater Bay Area: FAQs for 2021

Dec 15

We answer the most frequently asked questions about the IIT subsidy application process in China's Greater Bay Area - updated for 2021.

Shanghai Extends Maternity Leave and Grants Childcare Leave

Nov 25

Shanghai has decided to extend local extra maternity leave from 30 days to 60 days and begun offering childcare leave to couples with children under the age of three for the first time.

China Green Cards: Guangzhou Mulls New Scheme for High-Level Talent

Nov 24

Guangzhou is considering implementing a new green card system that will make it easier for high-level talent to relocate and conduct business in the city.

Q&A: How to Understand the Implementation of the PIPL in China?

Nov 08

We address frequently asked questions on the Personal Information Protection Law and compliance tips for companies doing business in and with China.

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