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Investing in Indonesia: The 2023 Mid-Year Investment Report

Sep 29

In this H1 2023 Indonesia investment report, we discuss the performance of standout sectors and highlight areas ripe for foreign capital infusion, business development, and trade expansion.

Exploring Friendshoring: Shifting Operations in Asia and China+1

Sep 27

In this article, we look at the possible destinations for friendshoring, focusing on the relationships of key Asian countries with the US and Europe.

Philippines and South Korea Sign Free Trade Agreement

Sep 25

The signing of a historic free trade agreement between the Philippines and South Korea marks a significant milestone in their relationship.

Australia Unveils Southeast Asia Economic Strategy to 2040

Sep 21

Australia’s government announced its ‘Southeast Asia Economic Strategy to 2040’ with the aim to deepen the country’s economic and trade engagements with the region.

Establishing a Family Office in Singapore – Latest Issue of ASEAN Briefing Magazine

Sep 20

The latest issue of ASEAN Briefing Magazine, titled “Establishing a Family Office in Singapore”, is out now and available to subscribers as a complimentary download.

Laos - Russia 2023 Relations

Sep 14

We examine the strategic relations between Laos and Russia after the leaders of both countries met during the Far Eastern Economic Forum.

U.S.-Southeast Asia Relations in the Biden Era: A Timeline

Sep 13

We present a timeline that will track key developments affecting bilateral ties between the U.S. and Southeast Asian economies under the Biden administration.

Singapore-Australia Trade and Investment: A Strategic Review

Sep 12

We discuss the dynamics of Singapore-Australia trade and investment, covering mineral fuels and oil, property, and emerging sectors like the digital economy and the green transition across multiple industries.

Boosting India-ASEAN Economic Collaboration: Key Highlights from PM Modi's 12-Point Proposal

Sep 08

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently attended the annual ASEAN-India summit and the 18th East Asia summit held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Investing in Indonesia’s Nongsa Special Economic Zone

Aug 25

Indonesia's Nongsa Special Economic Zone, located on Batam Island, offers a variety of opportunities for foreign investors.

Economic Partnership Talks Launched by Indonesia and Peru

Aug 22

Indonesia and Peru have begun negotiations on a future Indonesia-Peru Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement, with the aim of increasing bilateral trade and investments.

Philippines and EU Resume Free Trade Talks

Aug 18

The Philippines and the European Union have resumed talks over a possible future free trade agreement.

Laos Launches Digital Currency Trial

Aug 17

Laos has successfully trialed a digital currency prototype—the Digital Lao Kip—in cooperation with Japanese fintech company SORAMITSU.

Indonesia-Iran Preferential Trade Agreement: Unlocking Investment Prospects

Aug 03

Indonesia and Iran signed a preferential trade agreement (PTA) on May 23, 2023, with the aim to increase trade and strengthen diplomatic relations.

An Overview of Singapore's Free Trade Agreements

Aug 01

Singapore’s extensive free trade agreements have contributed to accelerating the country’s transformation to a first-world economy.

Cambodia’s New Rules of Origin Law to Better Facilitate International Trade

Jul 26

Cambodia has approved a new Rules of Origin (ROO) law, which is to be in line with the standards set by the World Trade Organization (WTO).

An Introduction to Doing Business in Singapore 2023 – New Publication from Dezan Shira & Associates

Jul 19

This Guide covers the fundamentals of investing in Singapore, including market entry, company setup, tax and audit, and HR and payroll.

Chris Devonshire-Ellis Discusses UK Joining The CPTPP On Nikkei Asia

Jul 18

The British government is keen to promote the CPTPP pact, noting that the Asia-Pacific bloc represents 12% of the global economy.

Exploring Australian Trade and Investment Prospects in Indonesia

Jul 18

Indonesia’s stable economic growth, burgeoning middle-class, and improving infrastructure provide an array of opportunities for Australian investors.

UAE and Thailand Explore Trade Agreement to Foster Bilateral Investments

Jul 13

Thailand and the UAE have agreed to launch negotiations to establish a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement to expand bilateral trade and investment.

An Overview of US Trade and Investment in ASEAN

Jul 07

With ASEAN being the US’ fourth-largest trading partner, the region is becoming of increasing importance to US businesses and its government.

Singapore-UK Bilateral Investment Treaty: Status of Negotiations

Jun 30

Singapore and the UK are in the midst of negotiations on an updated bilateral investment treaty under the UK-Singapore Free Trade Agreement.

Indonesia Proposes Limited FTA with the United States

Jun 28

Indonesia has proposed a limited FTA that will allow critical commodities used in EV production to be shipped to the US.

How RCEP Ratification Benefits the Philippines

Jun 26

The RCEP officially comes into force for the Philippines in early June and opens a gateway of opportunities for businesses and investors.

Examining Thailand's Economic Revival and Investment Opportunities

Jun 22

Thailand’s economy is forecasted to grow between 2.7-3.6 percent, buoyed by an influx of foreign tourists and improving domestic consumption.

Investment Hotspots in the Philippines: Promising Sectors to Watch

May 26

The Philippines is working to move up the global value chains, thereby presenting foreign investors with newfound opportunities.

Czech Prime Minister's Visit Boosts Strategic Partnership with Indonesia: Key MoUs Signed

May 17

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala's visit to Indonesia focused on enhancing relations in key areas such as education, agriculture, and sustainable development.

Opportunities for Foreign Investors in the Philippines – Latest Issue of ASEAN Briefing Magazine

May 16

Download our latest magazine covering opportunities for foreign investors in the Philippines.

ASEAN to Increase Local Currency Trade, Reducing Reliance on the US Dollar

May 12

ASEAN members agreed to increase local currency transactions and promote better regional payment connectivity at the 42nd ASEAN Summit.

A Guide to Indonesia's Foreign Investment Trends and Key Infrastructure Projects: New Issue of Asia Investment Research Magazine

May 09

This latest issue of AIR focuses on Indonesia’s foreign investment trends and key investment projects.

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