Asia’s trade and e-commerce market is growing rapidly across Asia countries. China’s total import-export volume and cross border e-commerce transactions reached US $4 trillion and US $1.2 trillion, respectively, in 2017 – both representing the world’s largest markets. Vietnam’s e-commerce market is experiencing double-digit growth, while investors in India are benefiting from rapidly growing internet penetration and some relaxation of government regulations.

Despite the prosperity of the market, entering the industry can pose considerable challenges. Foreign investors often struggle with the fluid regulatory environment, which is evolving quickly to meet the rapid growth of the market and the demands of its consumers. But there are other challenges, such as supply chain logistics, and onerous custom certificate requirements and procedures. IP protection, brand visibility, and local marketing strategy are other important challenges for trade and e-commerce operations throughout emerging Asia.

Dezan Shira & Associates has helped many foreign companies source and sell products in Asia, set up retail operations on the ground to sell directly to Asia’s massive consumer class, and access Asia’s dynamic e-commerce market. The firm retains experts on a country-by-country basis, ensuring that clients are able to grow their business in key markets across East, Southeast, and South Asia.

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