Asia represents a huge and increasingly influential market in the food and beverage (F&B) industry. The development of new product strategies and the increased penetration of modern retailing have led to double-digit growth rates for numerous F&B categories across the region. While China is the leading F&B market in the region, India and ASEAN are increasingly growing its global market share.

The investment landscape in Asian is highly competitive, characterized by its distinct cultures, customs, and culinary preferences – demographics play a key role in determining market trends for the industry. Further, this regional market is constantly evolving with new ingredients and production technology, as well as rising disposable income and changing consumer preferences. These core business concerns are enough to occupy any business, but each country in the region has its own regulatory requirements – Authorities in most markets are increasingly their oversight of the industry from end-to-end.

Dezan Shira and Associates helps businesses explore opportunities in Asia’s F&B industry, manage their investment, setup compliant operations, and keep them updated with latest trends and regulations. Our services include providing expert advice on assessing new market opportunities, international trade, tax, audit, and more. Dezan Shira & Associates has helped F&B industry across Asia define and maintain competitive business strategies in this dynamic and growing market.

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