Investing in China

China Briefing’s online Doing Business guide provides you with searchable data, guidance, regulatory updates, as well as in-depth insights and explanations concerning why and how to do business in China. Navigate through our robust library of articles, factsheets, publications, as well as events, videos and interviews about the issues that affect business opportunity in Asia’s largest economy.

  • Why Invest in China

    Increase your familiarity with China-at-a-glance: Economy and trade, China’s international free trade and tax agreements, workforce and labor information, business environment and more...

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  • Trade and Investment Agreement Framework

    Trade and Investment Agreement Framework

    China's variety of trade agreements and investment treaties have had a significant impact on the Asian geographical regi...

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  • Why Foreign Companies Relocate to China

    Why Foreign Companies Relocate to China

    China's strong economic performance, strong supply chain systems, sophisticated infrastructure, and improving business e...

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Setting up and Operating in China

Setting up and operating in China requires a vigilant understanding of its rapidly changing business landscape - with it's open but regulated and process-oriented environment. Stay up-to-date on the best way to set up and structure your business, manage VAT, optimize China taxes, as well as information about hiring, HR and payroll, across China’s vast and highly differentiated regional areas.

Where to Invest

China’s regional business norms present investors with unique incentives and challenges – with varying infrastructure, different governance styles, and breadth of incentives creating a diverse investment environment.

Sector Insights

China revises its negative list for market access regularly, opening more of the Chinese economy to private foreign investments. Coupled with incentives for various sectors, China’s current policies offer a favorable environment for foreign investment…

Setting Up a Business in China

From how to set up a business, types of investment vehicles, to shutting shop in China - plan your China business expansion with the latest guidance from Dezan Shira & Associates.

Taxation in China

Discover accounting and audit compliance in China, the tax requirements for businesses and tax-paying Individuals, transfer pricing rules as well as various links to helpful resources for managing your business in China.

China Payroll and Human Resources

Learn about HR and Payroll in China - from labor laws to hiring and terminating employees. We provide a comprehensive overview of how entities in China should manage their employees.

More Guidance and Resources

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Find guidance and expertise to help realize your plans, read recent news by China Briefing, and join upcoming China business events. To look beyond China, choose another country to explore via our online Doing Business guides to support your growth plans for Asia.

Insights from On-the-Ground Contributors

  • In the past 40 years since China's reform and opening up, the country has implemented a series of preferential tax policies to attract a large number of foreign investments. Dezan Shira's doing business portal aims to help companies develop a well-rounded business understanding of the country so companies can leverage the opportunities present in China.
    Sabrina Zhang Partner Beijing Office
  • Beijing is determined to attract investors by relaxing market access restrictions and continuously introducing improvements to the business and regulatory environment. With the Foreign Investment Law coming into force, together with revised Negative Lists, as well as other tax, finance, reporting and compliance reforms, foreign investors are playing on more even ground with domestic competitors.
    Alberto Vettoretti Managing Partner Hong Kong Office
  • The nuances of doing business in China are many and varied. Businesses expanding to or setting up in this market must be aware of the challenges that come along with the opportunities. The tax and accounting laws can vary significantly from the west and taking expert advice is recommended.
    Adam Livermore Partner Dalian Office

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